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Since its inception, A.M. Distributors has strived to provide high-quality products to the operating rooms of Pakistan at competitive rates. It has coupled these products with unparalleled services, leaving no stone unturned in making sure that its customers are satisfied. With regards to the Central Sterilization Supply Department (CSSD), A.M. Distributors has introduced several new products to the operating rooms of Pakistan, with an aim to increase our sterilization standards, hence causing a decrease in the rates of surgical site infections.

The timeline of our major products is as follows:

  • 1992: Foundations of A.M. Distributors were laid
  • 1992: Import of Surgical Dressings
  • 1995: Import of Surgical Sutures
  • 2005: Import of Sterile, Disposable Surgical Drapes and Gowns along with extensive awareness campaigning
  • 2006: Import of Sterilization Packaging Materials and Indicators
  • 2009: Import of Hemostats
  • 2010: Import of Sterilization Containers, along with extensive awareness campaigning with regards to CSSD
  • 2014: Launch of Cover X® Sterile, Disposable Drapes and Gowns, our own brand of surgical drapes and gowns

It is important to note that the welfare of surgical patients is central to our vision and philosophy. We have heavily invested both time and funds for the launch of awareness campaigns that revolve around improvement of the conditions in our operating rooms. Our campaigns have incorporated the use of print, electronic, and social media, and has also included oral presentations by our highly qualified team to several hospitals across Pakistan. We enjoy our role as market leaders in introducing new concepts to our operating rooms, eventually leading to better patient care.

Our long-term goal is to raise the standard of operating rooms in Pakistan, and bring them at par with internationally recognized standards. We have so far enjoyed immense cooperation from hospitals all across Pakistan, and hope that this trend continues in the future as well. Together, we can make our hospitals safer places for our patients.  

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