Cover X® Drapes and Gowns

In 2014, A.M. Distributors launched Cover X®, its own brand of surgical disposable drapes and gowns. Cover X® was launched keeping in mind the internationally approved guidelines for surgical draping and gowning in the Operating Room. Considering that the draping and gowning procedures in most ORs of Pakistan were well below standard, the launch of Cover X® was a step in the right direction. Since Cover X® has been designed based on internationally recommended standards, its use decreases surgical site infections, morbidity and mortality rates in patients.

We would strongly encourage all hospitals to use Cover X® for all their surgical patients, as it is accompanied with short-term and long-term benefits.


Features of Cover X® drapes

  • High-quality Fabric
    • Cover X® drapes are made of tri-laminated non-woven fabric with reinforced linings. The outer layer is absorbent, middle layer is impervious, and inner layer is soft for patient comfort
  • Persistent Quality Checks
    • Every Cover X® drape pack undergoes strict quality checks by highly experienced QA experts during and after the manufacturing process as per international standard of EN ISO 13485:2010
  • Solution for Every Surgery
    •  Cover X® sterile, disposable surgical drape packs are available for all types of surgeries. Custom-made solutions are also offered to various surgeons across the country

Features of Cover X® gowns

  • Made of fluid repellent SMMS Fabric
  • Lint-free
  • Microbial barrier
  • Flame resistant
  • Isothermic fabric
  • Anti-static
  • Standard gowns marked by white collar
  • Reinforced gowns marked by purple collar
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