Bonewax – Cliniwax

Bonewax – Cliniwax

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Bone wax-Cliniwax is a sterile, haemostatic material to control bleeding in bone injuries. Hemostatic effect is produced mechanically by occlusion of intraosseous vessels during surgical procedures.

Bone wax- Cliniwax is produced from PH Eur beeswax.

A.M. Distributors is the exclusive agent for Bonewax-Cliniwax in Pakistan.

Bone wax - Cliniwax is classified as Class II b according to Medical Device Directives 93/42/EEC.

Bonewax – Cliniwax should NOT be applied to infected areas.

Mode of Application

It is recommended that Bonewax-Cliniwax should first be knead or molded in the hand to soften it, and then applied to the bone by using a spatula to staunch the bleeding in bone. Care should be taken to use the smallest quantity, else the regeneration of bone can be adversely affected.



  • Soft and easy to form
  • Easy to use
  • Simple mechanical control of bleeding in bones
  • A little amount is needed to attain hemostasis
  • Obtains mechanical occlusion of intraosseous veseels
  • Gamma sterilized

Cliniwax ( Bone wax)


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