Diathermy Pad/Grounding Plate

Diathermy Pad/Grounding Plate

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Instructions for use

  • Clean the skin where the plate will be stuck on
  • Open the package and put out the plate. Remove the plate from packing material
  • Stick the plate on the skin near the surgical position
  • Hold the patient plate with the plate clamp. Connect the other end of the plate cord with the Receptacle “patient plate” on High Frequency Surgical Unit
  • Use the plate within 24 hours of opening the package. After removing the packing material, the plate should be stuck to the skin as soon as possible. It MUST be used with High Frequency Surgical Unit. The plate is SINGLE USE only.
  • The clamp of the cord should be clipped with the plate firmly so that it does not loosen up. Insert the cord plug into the receptacle on the unit.
  • It can be used for all high frequency surgical units that are compliant with international standards. The output power is no more than 400 W and the frequency is no less than 300 Hz
  • The storage temperature of the plates is 5 to 30◦C

Diathermy Pad / Grounding Plate



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