Paha ® Polypropylene Mesh

Paha ® Polypropylene Mesh

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The Monofilament Polypropylene Mesh is bio-compatible, non-absorbable, sterile and made of porous material. It has been knitted to provide single directional elasticity while allowing the mesh to be cut into any shape. The fabric has soft design, is flexible, and strong with permeable pores for use in Hernia repair as well as other soft tissue reinforcement. The weaving has ideal Mesh properties. It is sterilized by EO.

A.M. Distributors is the exclusive agent for Paha ® Polypropylene Mesh in Pakistan.


  • Uniformly strong

Strong and durable Polypropylene Surgical Mesh material maintains consistent levels of strength.

  • Transparent

Transparent open pore structure in surgical mesh facilitates fast incorporation and visualization of underlying tissue structures.

  • Smooth

In thickness and a low coefficient of friction over predicate surgical mesh devices improving ease of use and trocar deployment in laparoscopic procedures.

  • Structure

Thin wall structure with less surgical mesh material for reducing scar tissue build up and minimizing patient discomfort.

  • Bio-compatible

Surface area and void area reduction for improving healing and bio-compatibility. ISO-10993 Bio-compatibility results for Polypropylene Mesh are available to our customers upon request.

  • Cutting

Polypropylene Mesh re-sizing is done by Laser cutting technique due to its versatility and ability to seal the cut edges. Laser cutters can cut any shape and simultaneously seal the edges while doing so. Sealed edges prevent shedding of cut loops at the fabric edges and do not generate debris in the cutting and post processes.

  • Sterility

Polypropylene-based products can be sterilized using steam autoclave and ethylene oxide (EtO). Polypropylene cannot be sterilized using irradiation techniques, such as gamma or beta irradiation, as the polymers will be significantly degraded.

Paha Mesh   6 x 11cm   (Standard Weight)


Paha Mesh 15 x 15cm   (Standard Weight)


Paha Mesh 30 x 30cm   (Standard Weight)


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