Body Exhaust System (“Spacesuit’’)

Body Exhaust System (“Spacesuit’’)

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The Body Exhaust System, or “Spacesuit”, marketed by A.M. Distributors protects and isolates the surgical team from blood splashes, fluids and flesh/fat residues coming from the surgical field. It is ideal for use in orthopedic cases, as well as other surgical procedures in which multiple fluid splashes are expected. This is a state-of-the-art system that is extremely helpful for the surgical team during long procedures. The “Spacesuit” is available at several different attractive packages.

Salient Features

  • Air-flow:
  • High air flow rate, adjustable from 6 to 18 CFM
  • Dual air jets aimed at major neck vessels to greatly increase cooling
  • Front air flow redirected to further reduce eye dryness
  • Comfort:
  • High efficiency fan design and sound absorbent materials reduce noise
  • Motor shock system reduces vibration
  • Stronger, lighter materials reduce weight
  • Rebalanced center of gravity reduces strain
  • Visco-elastic “memory” foam adjusts to head’s shape


  • Reliability and ease-of-use:
  • Repositioned motor is isolated from shock
  • Click-in battery ensures connection
  • Battery lasts for 10 hours after being fully charged


Features of Helmet

  • Extremely light weight
  • Comprises a fan, secured towards the inner back portion of the helmet
  • Feature of controlling the fan speed by the surgeon installed
  • Fan generates positive airflow, from two cylindrical passages, given at back side of the helmet aiming at the neck and from one compound aiming at front of the face
  • The airflow generated by fan makes breathing comfortable during the long haul surgery, with airflow rate adjustable 6 t0 18 CFM (cubic feet / minute)
  • The helmet once worn can be adjusted to the size of head by the surgeon using the twistable screw

Features of Disposable Toga (Hood)

  • Sterile
    • Sterilization validity upto 3 years
  • Anti-fog transparent shield
    • Light transmittance >90%
  • Light-weight
    • Allows comfort during procedures

Body Exhaust System or “Spacesuit” (Hardware)

Note: All units in cm


18A-610 HP 18A Helmet   (Length:35±5  Width:23±5  Height:35±5)   (4 pieces)

18A-630 HP 18A Power Pack/Battery   (Length:10±1  Width:6.5±1  Height:4.5±1)   (4 pieces)

18A-640 HP 18A Multi-station Battery charger   (Length:28±1  Width:22±1  Height:12±1)

HP 18A-510 Abdominal Belt   (Length:125±5  Width:14±5)   (4 pieces)


Body Exhaust System or “Spacesuit” (Disposable)


18A-800P HP 18A Peel-away Hood (Toga)


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